Bundesliga Media Days 2021-22: From production at the highest level to global use of high-quality content

25 November 2021 – Bundesliga Media Days 2021-22 for the 59th Bundesliga season gave rise to 15,000 video files, 34,500 images and 17 terabytes of data. From the beginning of July to the start of August, photo and film shoots took place at all 18 Bundesliga clubs under the direction of the DFL subsidiary DFL Digital Sports. Successful media productions were possible this year thanks to strict hygiene measures and the responsible behaviour of all participants.

577 playerswere filmed and photographed in total

The initial filming took place in the summer, followed in the autumn by additional shoots with players who joined their clubs after the end of the transfer window. Players who could not attend in July due to injury or being released for the Olympic games or EURO 2020 also took part in the autumn. A total of 577 players and 121 members from training and coaching teams were filmed and photographed.

High-quality trailer videos were produced again this year. For the first time, this was possible at all 18 clubs thanks to synergies in production. The trailer material serves to promote the top match in the International Product Portfolio (IPP) and more and is used by national and international media partners and clubs. In total, 350 hours of raw material were created over the course of the Media Days.

The content produced during the Bundesliga Media Days will be shown by the DFL’s national and international partners and broadcasters. It can also be seen on the clubs’ platforms and via numerous DFL channels, for example in the form of trailers for live matches, holograms in TV studios and GIFs for entertaining social media posts. As another example, the team line-ups on television will show players generated by augmented reality technology who appear on the pitch while the aerial camera system flies among them.

The above video provides an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Media Days and shows the connection between the production and the final use of the material.