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Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Oliver Hardt

Since the start of the 2005-06 season, the DFL has been providing international media partners with an ever-evolving International Product Portfolio containing a variety of options to enhance Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 coverage. More than 40 products ensure a perfect fit to meet the media partners’ needs. But what does the IPP cover in detail?

  • 1. What is the International Product Portfolio?

    The International Product Portfolio (IPP) is a range of media options for global broadcasters. This includes Bundesliga live products such as live matches with English commentary and international graphics, highlights shows and clips, the Social Media Matchday Feed and many more Bundesliga original products that contain weekly, monthly and seasonal shows. The DFL’s Audiovisual Rights division is responsible for the strategic designing and development of the International Product Portfolio, in close collaboration with Bundesliga International, DFL Digital Sports and Sportcast.

  • 2. Who uses the International Product Portfolio?

    More than 60 international media partners use and value the International Product Portfolio each season. Among Bundesliga’s media partners the IPP was ranked above those media products from other properties such as EPL, Serie A, La Liga or UEFA Champions League. Also, the provision of the respective formats to Bundesliga’s media partners is state of the art. Whether it is satellite, live streams, fibre optic or the digital distribution via the Bundesliga portals, the media partner can choose their preferred way of distribution.

    These international media partners broadcast Bundesliga content worldwide. In order to further develop the IPP and its formats, one crucial pillar is the feedback from the Bundesliga’s media partners. The DFL is in constant exchange with its multiple media partners, and receives regular feedback via an ongoing dialogue – through online surveys as well as dedicated workshops and webinars. Another important pillar for the development of the IPP is the KPI analysis gathered by media research and online questionnaires.

  • 3. What includes the International Product Portfolio?

    As a result of its constant development, the IPP has been utilised with over 60,000 broadcast minutes using more than 40 different products/formats. Not only are all 306 Bundesliga matches broadcast with English commentary (including international live graphics), accompanying products for digital and social media usage are also part of the current IPP offering. From promoting the matches with Top Match Promotion Clips and driving audiences from social media platforms to the live broadcast using the Social Media Matchday Feed over in depth story-telling via the various editorial formats, the latest IPP contains products and services that meet the various demands of Bundesliga’s diverse media partners. 

If you would like to check out Bundesliga’s entire international product portfolio, please visit: https://products.bundesliga.com/