Tried-and-tested innovative features expand DFL’s International Product Portfolio

Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Sebastian Widmann
  • Additional services have been added to the options available to media partners when broadcasting Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 fixtures

10 August 2021 – In time for the beginning of the new season, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga has expanded its range of services for international broadcasters. The updated International Product Portfolio again proves to be a modern, innovative media portfolio that caters to current customer expectations.

Some examples:

Expanded clip portfolio – varied insights into what goes on before and after Bundesliga matches

DFL is expanding its clip options for the new season. The “Extended Clips” comprise new editorial content in near-real time for use in programming and on social media platforms: For example, footage showing the arrival of team buses at the stadium, fan impressions, scenes with teams during warm-ups, interview formats with players and coaches before and after a fixture, or emotional statements in the aftermath all augment the experience and complete the picture for viewers following the matchday.

Team arriving at the stadium by bus. (Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Boris Streubel)

Content for halftime; Bundesliga in global perspective

Why not continue to watch football during the intermission? Eight-minute montages of the best scenes from the current Bundesliga season are sure to delight fans by replaying exciting moments during halftime. Media partners operating OTT platforms will appreciate this new service especially.

Top Match Promotion Clips – new media formats to advertise top fixtures

In addition to the traditional 30-second spots there will be special 15-second trailers available for top matches in a vertical 9:15 format. Media partners can use them to target younger viewers on social media platforms and supply content to out-of-home media.

Remote Interview Option – Asking players questions from far away

In addition to the existing interview formats, it is now possible to interview athletes remotely. During the COVID-19 pandemic DFL introduced a feature enabling off-site reporters to conduct exclusive interviews with key persons during a match. The “Remote Multilateral Onsite Position” has been a tremendous success for all parties involved. In particular, media partners located outside the European continent more than appreciate this option. As a consequence, conventional on-site reporting is now supplemented by remote interview opportunities for international media partners who no longer have to take long, expensive trips to the stadium.

During the remote interview, Julian Nagelsmann listens to the questioner, who is connected to the interview from a studio, via headphones. (Photo: Reinaldo Coddou H.)

The Star Cam – keeping the focus on one particular player’s performance

The Star Cam can lock on to a particular player and follow him continuously in fully automated operation using sophisticated tracking data, always maintaining the focus on everything the player does. This can be done simultaneously for eight different players deemed as relevant by the media partners. Every action by these stars is captured reliably. The Star Cam is used during the Supercup as well as in home matches of FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund. Media partners benefit from individualised, localised video that moves their respective home stars centre stage.

Ready-to-broadcast analytical content for a well-prepared start into the season

DFL provides its media partners with ready-to-broadcast analytical formats ahead of every first and second leg. These 26-minute units deliver comprehensive information supplemented with matching player scenes, commented by Bundesliga Match Facts. This service supplies solid facts along with reviews, as well as previews of future matches.

Expanded media content boosts the fan experience

With its broadened International Product Portfolio, DFL offers its media partners and fans a superior selection of services. New live perspectives enrich the Bundesliga experience while advanced content in many different formats for a wide range of uses caters to the growing spectrum of interests from international media partners, opening up new opportunities for sports reporting. This includes the new, innovative services and an upgraded live signal for all Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 fixtures.

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