Established on the initiative of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga e.V. and the DFL GmbH, the DFL Foundation regards itself as the umbrella organisation for the various social activities of the 36 clubs and corporations of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 since its founding in 2008. Focused on Germany as a whole, it complements and links the mostly regional commitments of clubs and players. It is specifically involved where football can use its connective power in the best interest of society.

The DFL Foundation is a foundation created from professional football for society. Its aims are integration and participation and therefore equality regardless of background, culture or disability. It is also concerned with providing an active and healthy childhood for children and teenagers. The DFL Foundation is also a foundation created from professional football for German top-level sport. It supports young talent for 50 different Olympic, Paralympic and deaf sports. Under the motto “Chancen schaffen” (Creating opportunities), the DFL Foundation has supported 470 projects with a total volume of €21,5 million. Ambassadors for the DFL Foundation are Manuel Neuer (FC Bayern München) and Markus Rehm (longjumper and Paralympic gold medalist), who help draw attention to important social challenges.

The Foundation focuses primarily on developing its lighthouse projects “Welcome to football”, “Classroom stadium”, “Football meets culture”, the online travel guide “Barrier-free to the stadium”, and “Youth elite patronage” of German Sports Aid. Third-party initiatives that match the Foundation’s own objectives are also supported. Over 76,000 – mostly children and young people – benefit directly every year from the DFL Foundation projects.

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