More than 40.000 photos and videos: The Bundesliga “Media Days”

19 July 2019 – As part of the preparations for the new season, more than 40,000 items and around 35,000 gigabytes of digital content are produced every year leading up to the season when the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga holds its Media Days. In cooperation with the 18 clubs of the Bundesliga, video and photo material, for example for digital platforms and TV shows, are created at all club locations. “Behind-the-scenes” snapshots and entertaining content with players and coaches are also created. The professional and central implementation of the “Media Days” provides clubs, national and international media partners, licence partners and the DFL with extensive material for top quality media presentation of the Bundesliga.

The “Media Days” were introduced in the 2013-14 season. On various individual dates, the clubs each take a day for the production carried out by the DFL subsidiary DFL Digital Sports. This year’s “Media Days” in preparation for the 2019-20 season will continue until the beginning of August.

The material recorded will be used throughout the entire season for various purposes – be it scenes of celebration on the stadium screens, short sequences when media partners present the team line-ups, or via the digital channels of the Bundesliga and the clubs, to give just a few examples.