Bundesliga on TikTok – DFL launches official channel

Visual TikTok Promotion: #SkillChallenge

11 March 2021 – As part of its digital strategy, the DFL has launched an official Bundesliga account on the leading platform for short videos. There are more than twelve million active TikTok users each month in Germany alone, who have been able to view the content optimised for mobile phones via the account @bundesliga since late January. By taking this step, the DFL is meeting an ever-increasing demand from platform users with an interest in football. Before the launch, the hashtags #Fußball and #Bundesliga alone had already generated over 900 million views each on TikTok.

Andreas Heyden, CEO of DFL Digital Sports, underlined the importance of target-group-specific channels, saying, “It is our overarching aim to be in touch with those interested in football and fans of all age groups. On TikTok, we primarily meet younger target groups who, as ‘video-centrics’, expect a contemporary digital presence from the Bundesliga. Following the launch, we are happy in the light of more than 50 million video views and over four million likes.’ 

Multiple clubs and TikTok Stars such as @Nathanevanss also welcomed the Bundesliga to the platform upon the launch. Football challenges have already taken place in collaboration with Bundesliga clubs and partners. Under the hashtag #SkillsChallenge, fans showcased their footballing skills in videos, thereby competing virtually with the professionals from the German top flight. Another challenge took place just in time for the ‘Klassiker’ clash between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München.

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