League Statutes

DFL e.V. is the association of the licensed clubs and limited companies of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. It exercises its obligations, rights and competencies autonomously and in accordance with the law and other relevant provisions of the DFB, FIFA and UEFA on the basis of the following elements: the Statutes of the German Football Association (DFB), its Rules and Governance Agreement with the DFB, its Statutes, the League Statutes themselves, and its Rules of Procedure and Finance Regulation. In exercising its rights and competencies, DFL e.V. regulates its own field of activity by means of statutes, regulations, directives and the decisions of its bodies, including those taken by DFL GmbH, which was established by DFL e.V. and entrusted with managing its business in all areas of responsibility.

As stated in the Preamble, the League Statutes of DFL e.V. consist of the Licensing Regulations, the License Regulation for Players, the Match Regulations of DFL e.V. and the Regulations on the Licensing of Commercial Rights, as well as additional directives and rules of implementation. The League Statutes formulate and specify the rights and obligations of DFL e.V. and its members arising from the Statutes that are required to implement and further develop first-class German competitive football. This also includes the responsibilities of DFL GmbH defined by DFL e.V. with a view to fulfilling the tasks set out in Section 19 (2) of its Statutes, including as a service to its employees.