International Product Portfolio (IPP)

The DFL introduced the international product portfolio (IPP) at the start of the 2005-06 season in order to provide its international media partners with media products of the very highest standard. In the meantime, the IPP has been continuously optimised for more than 60 licensees in over 200 FIFA member countries every season. Initially, four fixtures were processed and edited on each Bundesliga matchday and preview and highlight videos created for the media partners. Today, all 306 Bundesliga matches are broadcast with English-language commentary including international live graphics. All in all, IPP broadcasts over 60,000 minutes of content every year across 30 different product formats.

The Audiovisual Rights DFL Department is responsible for the development of the IPP, with DFL Digital Sports and Sportcast jointly producing and distributing the content. Key elements of the IPP include live matches with commentary, reports, documentaries, show formats, interviews and digital formats. There is a pool of 15 English-language commentators for the live matches, accompanied by a number of well-known co-commentators. The IPP formats are made available via three channels – by satellite, via a fibre-optic link or as a file-based download. The DFL obtains regular feedback from a permanent dialogue with its media partners at events such as workshops and production visits, reach data analysis and online questionnaires, among other things. This feedback assists the DFL when considering adjustments and enhancements to IPP formats and hence enables it to continue providing an international media product of the highest standard.