Integration And Participation (DFL Foundation)

Alongside its commitment to “growing up healthy and active” and promoting success in elite sport, the DFL Foundation campaigns for the “integration and participation” (“Integration und Teilhabe”) of young people in Germany.

All children and young people in Germany should be given fair opportunities to participate in society. The DFL Foundation uses football as a motivator and a gateway in order to open up access to low-threshold educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people. In addition to individual support, one of the key criteria is strengthening social cohesion.

The DFL Foundation focuses on the development of the flagship projects “Welcome to football”, “Classroom stadium” and “Football meets culture”, as well as the “Accessible stadium experience” online guide. It also supports third-party initiatives on a targeted basis. With campaigns that achieve wide coverage and league-wide days of action on social cohesion, such as the “Crossing out prejudices” matchday, it harnesses the public profile of professional football and its role models to draw attention to important issues.