DFL Members Assembly

The Members Assembly is the highest organ of DFL e.V. It is responsible for passing resolutions in all matters assigned to it by means of the Statutes.

The Members Assembly may be held as a General Assembly or as an ordinary, extraordinary or virtual Members Assembly. An ordinary Members Assembly must be held at least twice a year, one of which must be in the last three months of the calendar year. Motions to the Members Assembly may only be submitted by DFL e.V. organs and their members as well as by DFL GmbH. An extraordinary Members Assembly may be convened by the Executive Committee of the DFL in the interests of DFL e.V. for exceptional reasons. A virtual Members Assembly may be held online so that the members are not required to gather in the same place.

The Members Assembly is composed of officials of the licensed clubs and limited companies of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 with voting rights. The Executive Committee of DFL e.V., the DFB President, DFL Honorary Presidents and DFL Honorary Members are entitled to take part in the Members Assembly without voting rights. Each member has one vote. The transfer of voting rights is not permitted. The Members Assembly is chaired by the Chair of the Executive Committee or, if unable to attend, by the First Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee.