High goal average in the Bundesliga 2018-19: More than three goals scored per game

16 November 2018 – In total, 312 goals were scored in the first eleven matchdays of the Bundesliga 2018–19 season. That’s 48 more than at the same point in the previous season. Currently the average of goals per Bundesliga match is 3.2.

No other top league in Europe has seen so many goals this season – this puts the Bundesliga ahead of the English Premier League (2.8), the Italian Serie A (2.8), the French Ligue 1 (2,6) and the Spanish La Liga (2.5).

The Bundesliga is historically high-scoring compared to other top leagues: In the 2017–18 season, the Bundesliga was Europe’s highest-scoring top league with 2.8 goals per match – as it had been for 26 years in a row before the 2016–17 season.