A shield was introduced in the 2008/09 season for Bundesliga 2, designed along the lines of the Bundesliga Meisterschale. The Bundesliga 2 Meisterschale not only honours the best club of the season. It is also a symbol that enhances the Bundesliga 2 image and brand.

The middle of the shield features a 1.2kg rock crystal at the centre of a seven-point star. The star stands for the radiant power of Bundesliga 2, and the brilliance of the champion. In addition to the seven points, the shield features seven engraving plates on which all of the champions since Bundesliga 2 was introduced in the 1981/82 season are immortalised with their club names.

The Bundesliga 2 Meisterschale is made of polished 925 sterling silver, weighs 8.5kg and is 50cm in diameter. It is insured for a sum of €30,000.