The following guidelines apply to the recognition and funding of player training:

  • First contract as a licensed professional player
  • No older than 23 years of age
  • First appearance in a league match for the professional team
  • Reward for the clubs below the licensed clubs (from 2022-23 season on) that have trained the player during the seasons between their 6th and 21st birthdays
  • The payment is €4,200 for each season between the player’s 6th and 11th birthdays and €5,400 for each season between their 12th and, as a maximum, 21st birthdays

Important information for clubs with a possible funding claim:

  • The names of the first-time professional players that reach the age of 23 at most in the respective season and appear in a league match in the current seasonare published by the DFB following the end of the season in its official communications (June edition).
  • The clubs are automatically informed via their respective e-mail accounts (PV [club mailbox] user name / DFBnet).
  • Please talk to the contact persons listed below if you wish additional DFBnet users to be activated for the “Ausbildungsvergütung” [Training allowance] module.
  • You will find the DFBnet input screen at the following web address:
  • Please check the registration times and complete the form.
  • The club’s bank details and full postal address (no PO boxes) must be entered.
  • By saving the form, you approve the information provided.
  • After detailed examination by the DFL, the payment will be transferred following the end of the season.

If you have any further questions, please send them to the following addresses via e-mail:

Bundesliga & Bundesliga 2:

3. Liga & amateur clubs: