Dr Marc Lenz

  • CEO of the DFL GmbH
  • Member of the DFL e.V. Executive Committee
  • DFB Vice President
  • Member of the UEFA Club Licensing Committee
  • Member of the European Leagues Board and World Leagues Forum Supervisory Board
  • Member of the DFL Digital Sports Supervisory Board
  • Chairman of the DFL Foundation Council

Dr Marc Lenz, born in 1986, is the CEO of the DFL GmbH as of Juli 2023. Before, as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and International Affairs, he was responsible for strategic topics as well as the international sports policy/sports regulatory positioning.

Marc Lenz has been with the DFL GmbH since 2019, since 2022 as part of the Management Board. Besides strategic projects with economic and social relevance (such as the latest growth strategy refinement and investment negotiations, or incorporation of ESG into the DFL’s statutes), he has led numerous sports-political negotiations (e.g., reform of the UEFA Financial Sustainability Regulation). Since 2019, Marc Lenz has also represented the DFL in the European Leagues and the World Leagues Forum, as well as all European leagues in the UEFA Club Licensing Committee, an advisory body to the UEFA Executive Committee, focusing on measures to strengthen standards and financial sustainability in European football.

Before joining the DFL, Dr Marc Lenz worked at UEFA and McKinsey & Company.