Supercup 2021 is all about innovation

17 August 2021 – When DFB-Pokal winners Borussia Dortmund and Bundesliga champions FC Bayern München meet today (Tuesday) evening in the Supercup, the DFL will be setting new standards in live football reporting. The match will be broadcast live by a total of 37 cameras. In addition to the already sophisticated setup for top matches, the following new camera systems will also be deployed:

  • The Railcam: Installed along the touchline, the rail cam can accelerate to speeds of five meters per second and allows viewers to experience some of the most thrilling scenes of the match from a whole new and dynamic perspective.
  • A fully manoeuvrable drone: Compact and highly manoeuvrable, it can also be used indoors.
  • The cinematic look camera: This special camera system offers exceptional depth of field, rendering the match even more dynamic and vivid in colour.
The Railcam follows the players’ actions from tracks running in parallel with the sideline, able to accelerate to a speed of up to five metres per second. (Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Michael Hangst)

In addition to these innovations in the live signal, the DFL will also be offering its national and international media partners a whole range of new broadcast options for the Supercup and beyond:

  • The star cam is an automatically manoeuvrable camera that focuses on individual players and follows them around the entire pitch on the basis of live tracking data. In Germany, the signal will be streamed live and continuously on SAT.1 “ran” and Sky.
  • With a specially provided setup comprising nine cameras and a separate directorial team, the DFL will also broadcast the Supercup 2021 in 9:16 format. This image format is ideal for watching matches on mobile devices. Thus, for the first time ever, the Supercup will be broadcast in full length in the ‘vertical video’ format on the TikTok profiles of OneFootball in Brazil and ran in Germany.
  • With the interactive feed, the DFL will be unveiling its first-ever live stream in which viewers can choose for themselves which match statistics they want to see. On their computer or smart device, they can call up whatever data they want, whenever they want. Thanks to detailed and comprehensive data acquisition by the DFL, viewers can choose from a wide range of match and player data.

The DFL is also conducting a pilot project to learn more about the media usage habits of the future. A group of test persons will watch the Supercup 2021 as an augmented-reality (AR) projection. Wearing special AR glasses, they will see not only the live stream but also real-time statistics and match graphics as well as the pitch showing the position of all the players in a miniature 3D projection.

Following the Supercup, the DFL will report on all the application scenarios on its various digital platforms – primarily on but also on LinkedIn and YouTube. More innovations and their application during live football matches will be showcased at the SportsInnovation 2022 trade fair.

The Supercup 2021 will be broadcast this Tuesday from the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in Dortmund. Kick-off is at 8:30 p.m. The match will be broadcast live on SAT.1 and Sky in German-speaking countries.

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