Start of the first transfer period of the 2019-2020 season

1 July 2019 – Today, as usual on the first day of July, marks the start of the first transfer window for the new season of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. However, this year, there is one small difference: Since the stipulated end date of the transfer window (31 August) falls on a Saturday, transfers are possible until Monday, 2 September 2019, this year. Even after this date, players without a contract can still be signed in Germany.

The FIFA rules stipulate that the transfer of a player to another club can occur only within two transfer windows that are set by the respective association. In German professional football, these are generally the first and second transfer windows in the winter and summer respectively. The corresponding registration applications and the complete contract documents must be submitted to the DFL and provided via the online-based Transfer Online Registration system (TOR) by no later than 6 p.m. on the last day of the transfer window.

You can find further information on the German transfer system here.