“German way” sought for cooperation between clubs and players’ agents

14.09.2018 – At its latest meeting, the members of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga’s “Football Commission” dealt with topics including the cooperation between clubs and players’ agents. The commission expects that the revision of FIFA’s global rules on working with agents and other regulations concerning this issue has to leave room for national solutions. The legal and tax conditions in Germany support the current practice, whereby the agent’s services to the commissioning club are remunerated by the club, which pays the agent a fee. At the same time, the “Football Commission” also sees a need for clearer, long-term regulation of the agent market, both in terms of quality of consulting and agency services and in terms of the size of commission payments. The “Football Commission” is therefore seeking a model that, among other things, will provide guidelines for agents’ remuneration. The objective is to create a practical and reliable regulatory framework in the interests of the clubs, players and agents, taking national conditions into account.