Donata Hopfen on the DFL Members Assembly

Photo: DFL

17 November 2022 – An Ordinary Members Assembly of DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga e.V. took place in Frankfurt. The meeting included an update from DFL CEO Donata Hopfen on a number of current topics – and on considerations for the strategic development of German professional football.

In order to incorporate the various perspectives of the clubs, the DFL Executive Committee has set up the “Future Scenarios Working Group”. In addition to Donata Hopfen, the members of this working group are Jan-Christian Dreesen (FC Bayern München), Rüdiger Fritsch (SV Darmstadt 98), Axel Hellmann (Eintracht Frankfurt) and Oliver Leki (Sport-Club Freiburg).

Following today’s Members Assembly, Donata Hopfen stated:

“I believe the DFL has a responsibility to offer the clubs options that will enable the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 to be and to remain socially relevant, attractive in sporting terms and economically competitive.

To this end, we are currently addressing several topics and projects – including the possibility of a strategic partnership that would bring know-how and growth capital to the table. I also gave an update on this topic at today’s Members Assembly.

We have made good progress in recent months, but we also have significant steps still ahead of us in the working group. That is in the nature of the matter at hand. We are not talking about writing down a few facts and figures and then simply seeing who is bidding the most. A decision by the clubs to bring a strategic partner on board has far-reaching financial, corporate and legal implications. So, we are dealing with a landmark decision that could influence the future of the league for decades to come. Therefore, it’s more important having a proper preparation, rather than rushing into any decision.

We have consciously chosen to go down this path together with representatives of the clubs and the DFL right from the start, so that different perspectives can be considered and we can jointly work out solutions that are capable of reaching a majority. We will continue this intensive process in the period ahead.

The goal is to develop a common position in the working group and in the Executive Committee – and on this basis to have a dialogue with all the clubs, which will then make any necessary decisions.”

Background information:

The “Future Scenarios Working Group” explores possible ways to lead German professional football into a successful future and thereby respond to current challenges. These include shifting media consumption behaviour; changes in the way media companies acquire rights; intense global competition with top leagues where other financial regulations apply; the economic consequences of the pandemic and an altered geopolitical situation.