DFL statement on the dispute with DAZN

26 April 2024 – In view of the recent reports of public statements by DAZN and the announcement that it will take legal action, the DFL feels compelled to clarify the following points.

  1. The DFL has conducted the auction of rights package B and the entire tender process in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner in accordance with the commitments made to the Federal Cartel Office and the provisions of the tender documents.
  2. The competent bodies of the DFL lawfully awarded rights package B to another bidder in accordance with the procedural rules of the tender. The bids submitted by DAZN Limited did not comply with the tender and were therefore not taken into account in the award process. The document subsequently submitted by DAZN from a bank does not change the decision to award the rights to another bidder. There is no basis and no justification for the withdrawal of the decision demanded by DAZN.
  3. The DFL once again firmly rejects DAZN’s repeated argument that it was not correctly informed about the terms and conditions of the award. It goes without saying that the terms and conditions were known to all interested parties in the auction.
  4. The DFL has clarified its position in several letters to DAZN and made several offers of dialogue. The ‘lack of reaction from the DFL’ publicly cited by DAZN is incomprehensible.
  5. Should DAZN file arbitration action, the DFL is well positioned for such proceedings. In the interests of swift litigation and legal certainty, which is in the interests of all parties, the DFL expects all parties involved to accept an arbitration award as final and conclusive.

In view of the agreed confidentiality, the DFL will not provide any further details on the auction and tender process and asks for your understanding.