DFL Executive Committee adopts two-stage quarantine measures for last three matchdays of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2

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Photo: Getty Images / Alexander Scheuber.

22 April 2021 – The Executive Committee of the DFL has adopted two-stage quarantine measures for the last three matchdays of the current 2020-21 season of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. In doing so, the committee is following a recommendation by the “Sports Medicine/Special Match Operations Task Force” headed by Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer in coordination with the “Football Commission”.

Two steps are planned: firstly, the group of persons included in the regular PCR testing programme, comprising the professional team, coaching team and team officials, must stay solely in their home environment or on the training premises/in the stadium (“quasi quarantine”) from Monday, 3 May. This is intended to reduce contact and further minimise the infection risk and was successfully implemented in the final phase of last season after the resumption of match operations.

In the next step, from Wednesday, 12 May, the corresponding group of persons at all 36 clubs will enter a “quarantine training camp”, having undergone a PCR test with a negative result no more than 24 hours beforehand. The “quarantine training camp” is compulsory until the end of the final match of the respective club on Matchday 34 (22/23 May). Consequently, the last two matchdays of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 according to the fixture list fall within this specific period.

The purpose of the “quarantine training camps” is to provide extra safeguards for the staging of matches, particularly in view of the time pressure caused by UEFA EURO, which follows the regular season. It is the clubs’ responsibility to ensure that players, coaches and training staff come into contact with no one but each other during the stated period. All requirements of the medical and hygiene-related concept remain unchanged. If individuals such as team doctors have to temporarily leave the “quarantine training camp” in exceptional cases on account of particular professional duties, they may only return to the group of persons if they take further protective measures, including a negative antigen rapid test immediately before returning.

The decision of the Executive Committee of the DFL is based on a resolution by the DFL Members Assembly of 7 December 2020, which authorised the Executive Committee to take the necessary and appropriate measures to maintain match operations in compliance with the current fixture list. Under this resolution, the Executive Committee is also authorised to arrange a “quarantine training camp” lasting five to fourteen days, after consultation with the “Football Commission”, which comprises representatives of ten clubs. A corresponding resolution must be passed at least eight days before the start of the “quarantine training camp”. The Executive Committee of the DFL informed the professional clubs that it was considering this measure back in March.