DFL awards licenses for 2024-25 season to all 36 applicants

Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Sebastian Widmann

29 May 2024 – All 36 applicants that qualify on the basis of sporting performance will receive a licence for the upcoming 2024-25 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 season. The DFL licensing committee reached this decision.

With a view to ensuring honest and fair competition, it is examining financial, sporting, legal, personnel and administrative criteria along with stadium-related criteria and criteria pertaining to sustainability and the Virtual Bundesliga. As announced back in April, none of the applicants were denied preliminary licence approval. Some clubs, however, were required to meet certain conditions by the end of May in order to obtain their licence, which they did. A condition stipulates that certain requirements must be met by a set date before the new season so that – subject to all other criteria being satisfied – a licence can be issued for the coming season.

This autumn, the clubs must once again document their economic strength for the running 2024-25 season in accordance with the statutes. You can find further information on the DFL’s licensing process here.