Collaboration between the DFL and Sky features climate-neutral media production at all Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches

Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Reinaldo Coddou

26 July 2022 – The DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga is now implementing climate-neutral media production for all 612 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches, the relegation play-offs and the Supercup. It was announced at today’s DFL Sustainability Forum (“DFL Nachhaltigkeitsforum”), held at the Futurium in Berlin, that the DFL is going to be working closely with its media partner Sky; initially to offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced in the course of media broadcasts of the matches and also to work on measures for systematically reducing emissions. 

Suitable environmental projects, backed by financial support from the DFL and Sky, are to be selected in agreement with ClimatePartner, a global company focusing on environmental consulting and climate protection.  

At the same time, the DFL subsidiary Sportcast, which produces the basic signal for all matches for national and international media partners, will be analysing potential savings and working on a multi-stage plan for reducing emissions.  

This step towards climate-neutral media production follows some significant progress made by the DFL in terms of sustainability over recent months, including the recent resolution by the DFL Members Assembly to include binding sustainability guidelines in the licensing regulations of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. The clubs and the DFL will continue to develop and expand specific measures, partly on the basis of the guidelines and the framework for guidance and action. 

Sky is also prioritising the issue of climate protection. The DFL’s media partner has set itself the goal of reducing its own carbon footprint to net zero by 2030. Sky is not only reducing the emissions caused directly by the company, but also looking at the entire value chain.