Whitepaper: 5G in Sports

Photo: DFL/Getty Images/Matthias Hangst

Technology is ever evolving: new devices, new means of distribution, new standards. The latest mobile connectivity standard 5G enables a fundamental change of how content will be produced, distributed, consumed and augmented in the future.

As an innovation leader in professional sport, the DFL observes and also drives this development with a high level of excitement, as sports will play a major role within this process. We are sharing our knowledge in this area in a comprehensive 28-page whitepaper of interest to the entire sport.

Chapter 1 helps to understand the fundamental elements, advantages, applications and requirements of the technology.

Chapter 2 gives an overview of the most relevant applications and opportunities of 5G in the sports industry, covering media production & distribution, fan experiences & services and eSports.

Chapter 3 summarizes the affected areas within the sports industry and highlights the expected effects on fans and business models.

The complete whitepaper is available here: