Supercup 2022: German television’s first live sport broadcast in Dolby Atmos

9 August 2022 – DFL and Sky staged a premiere at the Supercup 2022: The match between last season’s cup winner RB Leipzig and Bundesliga Champion FC Bayern München marked the first live sport broadcast featuring immersive sound in German television. Dolby Atmos delivers a real-life audio experience to Sky subscribers that comes very close to the sounds heard at the stadium. Dolby Atmos is based on the well-known multichannel audio concept but adds additional high-frequency channels to fully engulf viewers in stadium sounds, no matter from where they are watching. Dolby Atmos is available to viewers through a Sky-Q receiver and a Dolby-Atmos-ready viewing device. Sky and DFL are supported by Dolby Laboratories in the technical implementation.

Alessandro Reitano, Vice President Sports Production at Sky Germany, said: “Dolby Atmos allows us raise the quality of our sport productions to an even higher level. Now viewers watching our broadcasts can enjoy a unique, immersive sound experience which is very similar to being present at the stadium. The Supercup was the first time we deployed Dolby Atmos.” Sky plans further regular use of the new sound option in the context of the Bundesliga’s Saturday evening matches.

Dr Steffen Merkel, Member of the DFL Management Board and Director of Audiovisual Rights, commented: “Our primary goal is to provide fans with an even better media product through Dolby Atmos. Thanks to the great cooperation with Sky we are now able to take viewers even closer to the events on the pitch.”

Stefan Kramper, Director Content & Broadcast, Automotive, Commercial Partnerships Europe at Dolby, added: “We are very excited about the debut of Dolby Atmos at the Supercup. Dolby Atmos is perfectly suited for live sport; it transports the stadium atmosphere directly to the living room, enabling a more realistic experience than ever. Viewers witness the chanting fans, the roaring crowds after a goal, the referee’s whistle and the commentary exactly where they should be heard, and in the best possible audio quality. The Bundesliga top match and the following games will continue to deliver on this promise.”

Photo: Vidi GmbH