SportsInnovation 2018: Taking a look back at the highlights

World Leagues Forum Duesseldorf, 09.05.2018, DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga, SportsInnovation 2018 in Duesseldorf

13 August 2018 – “Meet the future of sport” was the overall topic of this year’s first SportsInnovation. The inaugural innovation trade fair gave a good impression of how sports, as one of the most attractive media topics in the world, is a pacemaker for technological innovation. At the core of the event, three Innovation Matches provided the canvas for showcasing various progressive technologies such as sensor based wearables and optical tracking solutions, which provide new live data for sport analysis and media graphics. The TV-production surrounding the matches used 29 cameras in total. Seven of the 14 specialised cameras had never been used before in a football TV-Production. Moreover, 47 exhibitors from 11 countries presented, among other things, Artificial Intelligence (AI) products, facial recognition and audio detection systems.

Another SportsInnovation 2018 theme was the in-stadium experience of the future. Exhibitors presented the latest developments in the implementation of automation and robotics, as well as evolving immersive virtual and augmented reality technologies that offer exciting new ways to extend reality. The stadium of tomorrow will deliver a new form of entertainment experience to sport fans with the help of new audio mixing, real-time editing and virtual advertising boards. The data and results from all the tested components and products will be analysed to decide which services and technologies might become part of the Bundesliga.

SportsInnovation 2018 – a review in 90 seconds: