Final report of the project group “Stadium Innovations”

Operating football stadiums involves various organisational challenges in the areas of event  administration, fan services, security and visitor management, and sustainable sporting venue management. A wide range of innovative technologies and services can help to further modernise the processes in professional football in terms of digitalisation and professionalism. To this end, club officers, stadium operators, the DFL and the DFB regularly receive novel proposals to be tested for practical applicability in a stadium and footballing context.

The joint initiative “Stadium Innovations” of the DFL and the DFB enables the participating clubs to acquire knowledge about the benefits and usefulness of new innovative products and share their experiences with each other. The format also gives future-oriented companies the opportunity to present their own innovations and have them tested in practice.

The final report on the first project cycle 2021-2022 of this initiative to promote innovative technologies and services in stadium, event and security operations is available as download here.