Collection of Match data takes centre stage during second Innovation Game of SportsInnovation 2022

11.05.2022 – The U21 team of 1. FC Köln took on Borussia Mönchengladbach’s U19s for the second Innovation Game of SportsInnovation 2022 at the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA in Düsseldorf. The focus was the collection and processing of match data for use by the sports sector, referees and the media. Furthermore, Christian Holzer and Dr Hendrik Weber, board members of Sportec Solutions AG, talked about new goal-line technology system, which is based on seven different camera perspectives per goal. They were joined by Dr Jochen Drees, Head of Innovation and Technology at DFB Schiri GmbH. Sportec Solutions is a joint venture between Deltatre and the DFL.

The presentation continued by looking deeper into the collection, processing and use of match data. Coaches and players increasingly benefit from real-time data analysis, and performance analysts are supported by artificial intelligence, which utilises algorithms to identify typical movement patterns, tactical manoeuvres and match situations. Bundesliga Match Facts Powered by AWS, which have the same origins, are now established as a source of information for fans and the media.

The coach in your ear

Philipp Zacher, CEO of the Jena-based start-up Coachwhisperer, presented a system that allows the coach to address each of his players individually on the field. The earpieces, adapted to each player’s ear, simultaneously measure heart rate, oxygen saturation in the blood and the individual stress level of each player.

The ball that misses nothing

The “networked” ball was the focus of the presentation by Dr. Maximilian Schmidt, Global Lead of the Sports and Media Division of KINEXON GmbH. A chip integrated into the ball makes it possible to precisely track shooting speed, flight height and spin as well as passing paths. This also opens up new perspectives for performance and tactics analysis, as well as for data-based media content. The collection and automated analysis of individual player data makes it possible to gain more knowledge for coaches, while player data could also be made available to fans for a better understanding of match situations.