The joint venture ryghts was formed as part of the “DFL for Equity” investment strategy and the partnership entered into with the German company Athletia. Since the agreement in summer 2019, ryghts has monitored all international piracy surrounding the broadcast of Bundesliga matches. The DFL has therefore entrusted proceedings against piracy violations in the areas of social media, web and IPTV to a single service provider for the first time. As part of the cooperation, ryghts also benefits from intangible assets such as the joint market presence with the DFL, the expertise of the DFL Group in the specialist area and the corresponding cooperation in relation to innovations in the area of anti-piracy.

Athletia has been working on behalf of the DFL since 2015. It handles cases in which protected content is distributed on social media without authorisation. With the formation of ryghts, it has expanded its business activities to include legal protection in the areas of web streaming and IPTV. The DFL holds shares in the new company, thereby expanding its own business model of partnerships with start-ups and medium-sized companies. The first investment in the “DFL for Equity” was agreed with Track160 in October 2018.