The fixture list for the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 that is published ahead of the new season initially only sets out the general schedule for the individual matchdays, i.e. which clubs will meet on which matchday. The exact fixtures and kick-off times are then published individually and successively as the season progresses, taking into account as many different demands and requirements as possible.

International competitions are the main reason why the exact fixtures are published only during the course of the season. To allow vital rest periods for international teams, Bundesliga matchdays are scheduled only once the dates on which each team is playing internationally are known. As a matter of principle, clubs must be given a break of at least two days before and after matches in international competitions. When it comes to setting the exact match dates, the DFL also maintains constant contact with safety bodies in order to take account of other major events happening in the respective match locations, for example. The individual interests of clubs, stadium operators and fans are also taken into account to the greatest possible extent.