Sportcast GmbH is a full subsidiary of the DFL, based in Cologne. Since the 2006/07 season, it has acted as host broadcaster and produced the TV base signal for all games in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, as well as the Supercup and promotion/relegation play-offs for national and international rights holders. It is one of the largest producers of live sports broadcasts in HD. Since the 2008/09 season, it has also produced all games in the DFB Pokal. The company is managed by Josef Nehl (Chairman) and Alexander Günther.

Alongside production of the TV base signal, Sportcast also coordinates the contribution and international distribution of the live TV signal in over 200 countries. In addition, it also provides weekly live games and highlights shows in English, with international graphics via satellite. Since the start of 2015, Sportcast has also operated a fibre optic network through which the Bundesliga video signals are broadcast. One game of every match day has been produced in ultra-high-definition quality (UHD) since autumn 2016.

Sportcast is constantly refining content and improving the visual processing of the base signal, with an eye on the latest technologies. Through a combination of wide-ranging experience, cutting-edge technical standards and the latest innovations, Sportcast creates world-class media productions and makes a major contribution to building the Bundesliga brand.

Sportcast is also responsible for running the German Football Archive (DFA). This is the world’s largest digital football archive, preserving almost the full history of German football for future generations in the form of high-quality video material. The media library possesses a total of over 140,000 hours of video content and over 180,000 files.

The DFA also forms the basis of the DFL’s video-on-demand service. The Sportcast Group also includes the subsidiaries HD SAT Communication and LIVECAST TV Produktion.