MOVEZ is the third investment as part of the “DFL for Equity” programme that was launched in October 2018. Building on the basic idea of entering into partnerships with start-ups and medium-sized companies, it was preceded by the agreement of a cooperation with Track160 and the formation of the joint venture ryghts together with Athletia. The Israeli mobile app start-up MOVEZ is majority-owned by AGT International, a world leader in the fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The MOVEZ smartphone app uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to evaluate users’ sporting skills. The application is mainly aimed at children and young people who enjoy ball sports and the fun of competition. The artificial intelligence behind MOVEZ has been trained to analyse and evaluate ball-related activities and interactions in real time using smartphone camera images. This allows users to perform drills directly against each other using their mobile devices and share the results on social media.

The DFL is contributing to the development of the app by creating footage of Bundesliga players doing the drills from the MOVEZ app. MOVEZ is also being given access to the DFL player database and the German Football Archive (DFA) for its self-learning algorithms. The cooperation, which was completed in early 2020, also allows MOVEZ to use the Bundesliga logo and the “DFL invested company” trademark.