Visualisation of the Bundesliga Match Fact "Attacking Zones"

Since the start of 2020, the DFL and AWS have collaborated on numerous projects, including the use of data analytics. The partnership has enabled the live processing of data into innovative statistics, resulting in Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS. Since then, the Bundesliga Match Facts has grown up to eight different stats. Each is made available on broadcasts, through the Bundesliga platforms and channels, as well as the Bundesliga app.

xGoals and Expected Goals

The expected goal model shows the probability of scoring each goal. This can be used to measure the efficiency of a player or a team when scoring a goal. xGoals is given as a value between 0 and 1. The probability of a penalty, for example, is given as 0.77 or in other words 77 percent. For the first time this stat was in action on matchday 28 of the 2019-20 season. It was the first Bundesliga Match Fact.

Average Position

The Average Position provides the average positions of the players on the pitch in real-time, helping fans to spot individual players and understand changes in play more easily. The data is calculated using around 3.6 million data points per game, which are collected and supplied by the DFL subsidiary Sportec Solutions.

Example of a speed alert during the Bundesliga match Borussia Dortmund - Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Speed Alert

The Speed Alert provides the maximum speed of the players in each game. In the live match updates, there is an update of the three fastest players in the game after the 30th and 90th minute of each game. There is also a ranking of the fastest players of the season.

Attacking Zones

This match fact visualizes the areas in which teams enter the final third of the field when attacking, dividing this area into four equally-sized vertical zones. It is given as a percentage.

Most Pressed Player

This statistic rates the pressure on a player in possession and determines how often they are put under significant pressure by the opposing team. It is possible to determine which players on a team are pressured the most by the opposition. This figure can be looked at in relation to their teammates or the opposition players.

Average Positions: Trends

In an enhancement of ‘Average Positions’, ‘Average Positions: Trends’ allows the formations used during particular phases of matches to be compared. This statistic can be measured when players are attacking or defending.

Passing Profile

This match fact provides a deep insight into the passing game of an individual player or an entire team. Which direction is the ball most frequently passed in? How difficult is a pass? Does a player or the whole team play short or long passes? And what about the completion rate? This new match fact answers all these questions and enables everybody to analyse the game better.

Shot Efficiency

The shot efficiency match fact is based on the xGoals model. Every shot has a probability of scoring considering the distance and angle to the goal, pressure from oppositional defenders and the goalkeeper’s position. The shot efficiency is calculated by comparing the xGoals values with the number of goals scored. For example, Robert Lewandowski achieved a shot efficiency of +12,3 at the 2020-21 season because he scored actually more goals (41) than calculated by the xGoals model (28,7).

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